About CTF

Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy is a PC game that came out in 2003. It is a first-person shooter style game in which you control the movement of a single character. There is a single player mode, in which you go through missions in order to complete objectives, along the way earning different force powers and weapons. There is also a multiplayer mode, in which you can play against other remote players over the internet. This mode is much more dynamic and challenging, as other players are infinitely more unpredictable and inventive than the computer AIs. There are a number of different game types in multiplayer mode, including Free For All, Team Free For All, Siege, Duel, Power Duel, Holocron, Jedi Master, and Capture the Flag.

Capture the Flag (CTF) has one of the biggest learning curves for new players, although the greater amount of skill involved makes it much more interesting and fun. This site breaks down the different components of Capture the Flag strategy and skill so that new players can become familiar with, and learn, the game faster.

In Capture the Flag, players are divided into two teams: red and blue. The map is generally divided into two mirrored sections, one per team, with the team's flag at opposing ends (referred to as the team's "base"). The objective is to capture (or "cap") the opposing team's flag by entering their base, stealing their flag (done by walking over their flag stand), bringing it back to your own base, and touching your flag stand while your flag is still there. The enemy team can return their flag to their base by killing the player carrying their flag, which causes the flag to drop to the ground, and then touching it, which instantly teleports it back into the base. The winning team is decided by who has the most caps at the end of the match. The end of the match occurs based on the server's settings, either by reaching a time limit or cap limit. Individual players' points are not factored into the calculation of the winning team, so players often disregard their personal score in favor of improving the team score.

Here you will find some strategies that will help you to be a better CTF player.